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How do I Rank #1 on Google?

Unfortunately, ranking #1 on Google search is a complex and ever-evolving process that involves many factors, including high-quality content, keywords, backlinks, and user experience, among others. To ensure your article is optimized for search engines and has a high chance of ranking #1, consider the following tips: Target a specific keyword: Research and choose a …

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LastPass Security Breach: What Subscribers Need to Know and Do

LastPass, one of the world’s most popular password managers, has once again found itself the subject of intense scrutiny after its latest security breach. Just before Christmas, LastPass CEO Karim Toubba revealed in a blog post that a security incident first disclosed in August has led to an unauthorized party stealing customer account information and vault data. …

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Why is Website Pagespeed Important?

Pagespeed is on of the deciding factor on how well you rank on Google Search. The faster the Page speed, the better the experience for the user – hence Google provides more traffic.  Although out of the box, WordPress provides ample results, typically with themes and plugin installs performance downgrades often to a Grade of …

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What is Website Hosting?

There are just so many hosting options available these days that finding the right one can be a bit of a chore. Well, don’t expect things to get any easier with Cloudways! Why, you ask? Because this managed cloud hosting platform also lets you choose between 5 different data center providers.