Content Marketing – Why Is It Important?

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I was reminded of the long history of content marketing while listening to a Webinar earlier this week. We tend to think that whatever we have discovered on the net is brand new, or at least only as old as the nineties, when the net revolutionized our world.

Remember John Deere? Right, tractors, those huge farm machines that none of us can name? The John Deere company is still the company associated with farming equipment over 175 years after its founder began the company.

In the late 1830’s, John Deere developed a steel-tipped plow. A blacksmith in Illinois, Deere well knew the value of a steel tip to the local farmers who battled with sticky mid-western soil in creating the furrows needed to plant. His first year, he sold 10 of his new plows and began to triple his sales each year.

How did he market?

Deere set up classes for the local farmers who were hungry for knowledge about better ways to farm, and then he created a magazine still in circulation today: The Furrow. Good, even great content marketing involves the creation of compelling stories which reach a customer’s pain points. John Deere capitalized on the need for knowledge; by becoming an expert in farming, Deere began to make himself- and his products- essential to his customers.

You are thinking that this story does not apply to and to us in this information planned 21st century? Think again.

Yes, we are scheduled with information, constantly … from our phones, media and from our friends and collections. But how much of what we hear and read is useful ? How much can we apply to ourselves, to our financial and physical well-being?

How quickly could your business grow if you started a daily, weekly or even monthly blog or newsletter about health? Or exercise? Or anything that you are interested in-curious about?


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