Marketing Ideas For Churches

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Church marketing is a tricky endeavor. It’s important to be present and noticeable, but many people do not like churches to be pushy or forceful, so it’s all about finding the right balance. In addition, churches need a clear vision of who they are and what they have to offer so that potential members will know exactly what to expect when they attend. Here are some unique ideas to reach out to prospective churchgoers.

    1. Practical service -The most important thing you can do to reach out to potential churchgoers is to help them in some way. Create a team of church members who are eager and willing to serve the community. Find a need and meet the need, whether it’s minor automated services like oil changes, or small home repairs and yard work. By showing you care about that person’s immediate need, you’re reaching out to them in a way to which they will respond positively. Mount a vinyl banner in front of your church that offers your services and provides a number for someone to call in case they need your assistance.


    1. Interactive website -Another important tool for churches is to have a useful and interactive website. Your website is a synopsis of your church, so it needs to show potential members exactly who you are. Post sermons and worship services so interested parties can view them ahead-of-time, and offer ways to connect via social media or even email. This is a less-intimidating way to approach a new church.


    1. Social media -Speaking of social media, it’s important that your church is using it to your advantage. This is a place for your congregation to come together and interact. Ask your members to post pictures from church events and invite their friends to “like” your Facebook page, “follow” your Twitter handle, etc. When prospective church visitors see that you have an active and vibrant social community, they’re more-encouraged to come check it out in-person. Post window clings at the entrance to your church letting your congregation know they can connect with you online.


    1. New family welcome baskets -Introduce your church to new members of the community, or even just new church visitors. Contact real estate agents to learn new families in town or use your welcome cards to contact your visitors. Offer the family a small welcome basket that’s very non-threatening, just letting them know that you’re here and that you care about them. Include a promotional brochure about your church and what you have to offer.


  1. Member stickers -Vinyl stickers are a fun and unique way to build awareness for your church. Order die-cut stickers to distribute to your members for placement on their vehicle windows. Townspeople will notice the stickers all over town and ask the owner what it means. This is a perfect conversation-starter and a great way for members to outreach.


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