Pay Per Click Advertising – How to Beat Out Your Competitors by Spending Less and Ranking Higher

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Pay Per Click advertising can be the most cost effective way to advertise your product or services on the internet. On the flip side, if you are not properly educated on the subject, it may get you now fast. So I put together a few simple steps for you to follow to help get your advertising campaigns off to a fast start .. Pay per click advertising can drive tons of traffic to your website in the blink of an eye, but if you ‘re not careful you can wind up paying an arm and a leg to get it there. So is it possible to rank higher for a particular key word than your competition and still wind up paying less? The answer is yes but it requires a bit of pay per click skill.

First of all, we must do some research on a few key words or phrases that we want to rank for. There are an abundance of key word tools available on the internet that we can use. Start by doing a Google search for “free key word tools” or “keyword finder”. Mess around with a few until you find one you like. Then, start to generate a list of keywords you would like to use to promote your product or service. Keep in mind, if you search a keyword like “flowers” your first few results are likely to return the key words flower, flowers, or wedding flowers. These words will have the most competition and will likely be not worth competitive for. It is still possible to bid less than your competitors and rank higher but to make your life easier, go after a few more specific words like “roses” or tulips “. easier to rank for.

Now that you have chosen a few key words that you would like to rank for, your next job will be setting up your pay per click advertising campaign. Create a title that uses the main key word you have chosen. This is very important, as when someone does a search for your key word it will highlight that word in the title of your advertisement. Try to work that same key word into the first or second line of your ad. Most pay per click advertising engines will rank your ad higher than ones that do not use the actual key word in their ad even if you are bidding less per key word.

Next, you will have to add the key words into your pay per click advertising campaign. Make sure not to over do it and use 100 key words. Many pay per click companies will tell you that you can use up to 100 key words or more, but you must specifically tailor you ad to your keywords. In reality it’s just not possible to have an ad tailor to 100 plus key words. I like to use between 5 and 15 key words per ad group. Learn how to build one campaign but create many ad groups within that campaign. Do not just create a bunch of campaigns and jam them up with keywords as this is likely to get you a low CTR (Click Through Rate).

Paying attention to your CTR is extremely important. Your click through rate is how many times your ad has been shown for a particular search versus how many time actually click on your ad. For Ex. If you ad was shown 1000 times and you received 100 clicks, you would wind up with a 1% CTR. This is an important part of the pay advertising advertising equation and overall will determine whether you rank higher than your competitors for certain key words. If I have set a bid of $ 1.00 for the key word “flower delivery” and I have a CTR of 1% and you set a bid of 75 cents for that same key word but your CTR is at 2.25%, your ad is likely to be place in front of mine in the search results even though I have bid higher. A good rule of thumb is to try and keep your CTR above 1% as this is what the pay per click companies look for and acknowledge.

My last piece of advice is to make sure you are continuously monitoring your pay per click ads. Write two of the same and split test them against each other. Find out which ones do the best and be sure to keep tabs on your conversion rates as this will be the ultimate key to your reward advertising success.


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